Before You Apply

Thank you for your interest in employment with Rider Ventures! We are looking forward to reviewing your application and meeting you. We just have a few things we would like you to be aware of before you apply.

Company Background


Rider Ventures is a growing company based in Coldstream BC. We provide professional wildfire and flood protection services to government agencies, corporations and private property owners. Our services include forestry, wildfire and flood safety, emergency response, training, consulting, and overhead personnel. Our multi-trained crews are invested in performing their duties efficiently, safely, with integrity, and by utilizing traditional indigenous land stewardship practices. We are committed to establishing respectful and long-lasting team and client relationships. For more information please go to



Minimum Requirements


Minimum Age

In compliance with our contractual responsibilities with the BC Wildlife Service, employees must be minimum 16 years old to work on the Fire Crew.


Eligible to work in Canada

To be eligible to work in Canada, you must first be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada or authorized in writing to work in Canada under the Federal Immigration Act. If you have a valid temporary work permit, you may be eligible for temporary work until your permit expires or is renewed.


Impairment Policy

Due to the Safety-Sensitive nature of our work we have a strict Impairment Policy. Please review it here: Policies for Employment Application.


Equal Opportunity Employer

Rider Ventures actively fosters a mutually supportive work environment. We invite all individuals without regard to race, religion, sex (including orientation and gender identity) or any other status protected under applicable law to apply for a position with Rider Ventures. Please review our mutually supportive work environment policies here: Policies for Employment Application.

Job Advertisements


The following job advertisement will give you an idea of what to expect from your employment with Rider Ventures. Wildland Fire Fighter



Application Process

Phase 1: Screening

During the Screening Phase, you will be required to submit an Employee Application Form. If you have questions or problems with the Employee Application Form please email for assistance. The deadline for application submissions is January 31, 2019. Only successful applicants will be contacted for interviews.


Interviews will be held in February and call-backs for Phase 2 will be complete by the end of February.


Phase 2: Wildland Fire Fighter Boot Camp (WFF Boot Camp)

Depending on your level of experience and qualifications you may be required to attend all or portions of our WFF Boot Camp. 


Applicants asked to attend WFF Boot Camp do not have to pay WFF Boot Camp Fees. Two pieces of ID (one photo ID), a completed Physicians Release Form and completed Par-Q Form must be provided on day 1 of WFF Boot Camp or you will be unable to attend WFF Boot Camp.


On Day 1 of WFF Boot Camp, you will be required to take the WFX-FIT test. Information about WFX-FIT and how to prepare for the test can be reviewed here Are You Prepared for WFX-FIT or go to For details about our WFF Boot Camp and what you need to do to prepare for our WFF Boot Camp see


*Please note you are not officially hired in Phase 2.


Phase 3: Selection

After successful completion of Phase 2, Human Resources will complete final candidate evaluations and make hired confirmation calls. Hired employees will then attend Rider Ventures Orientation.

2020 Important Dates

The following are important dates to remember during the 2020 application process.


PHASE 1: Screening


Applications Accepted

November 25, 2019 to

January 31, 2020



Early February 2020


Call-backs for Phase 2

Late February 2020



PHASE 2: Wildland Fire Fighter Boot Camp


WFF Boot Camp


2 pieces of ID (1 picture ID), completed Physicians Release Form and completed Par-Q Form due before WFF Boot Camp



PHASE 3: Selection


Hire Confirmation Calls





2020 Checklist

The following are important tasks to complete during the 2020 application process.


PHASE 1: Screening


Read Before You Apply


Submit your Employment Application Form (upload resume and copies of certifications)


Complete your Physicians Release Form and Par-Q Form


Prepare for WFX-FIT



PHASE 2: Wildland Fire Fighter Boot Camp


Get prepared for WFF Boot Camp

Are You Prepared for WXF-FIT

Wildland Fire Fighter Boot Camp - General Info


Have Physicians Release Form,

Par-Q, 2 pieces of ID (1 photo) ready for Day 1 of WFF Boot Camp

Current Opportunities

Wildland Fire Fighters

Posted: November 25, 2019

Expires: January 31, 2020

Positions Available: multiple

Job Description: Wildland Fire Fighter


Employment Applications

Hard Copy Employment Applications, resume and supporting documents can be emailed or mailed to the following addresses but must be received before the application submission deadline.




Mail (NO in-person drop-off)

Human Resources

12309 Kalavista Drive

Coldstream BC V1B 1K7

If you have questions or problems with the application please email for assistance.

Thank you in advance for submitting your application. Only applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.

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