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At Rider Ventures, you will find professional wildfire and flood protection services for government agencies, businesses, and private landowners. As a company, we offer a wide range of services including wildfire and flood preparedness, mitigation, response, and restoration, as well as support staff and emergency response services. In addition to our fire and flood services, we offer training related to fire suppression, flood management, forestry, workplace safety, and first aid wildland and structural protection firefighters, forestry workers, and with a military structure.

Rider Ventures has a multidisciplinary staff dedicated to working safely and efficiently, focusing on the use of traditional indigenous land management practices. Our specialized and highly experienced staff consists of firefighting teams, structural protection teams, flood control groups, trainers, consultants, and first responders. 


Forestry services offered by Rider Ventures include prescribed burning, land clearing, specialty logging, and preparation of land riparian, natural land disasters, clearing, and crosscutting, grubbing and weeding, and fire rehabilitation. The company's trained professionals also provide firebreak construction, fire risk reduction, on-site fire and flood protection, pile burning, Fire Smart plan implementation, and flood plan implementation. In the event of an emergency, the company's crews can be deployed within 1-2 hours of first contact with times varying based on the area.  of first contact


Rider Ventures also offer consulting services, helping large organizations and property owners develop flood control, Fire Smart, and community wildfire protection plans. The company's wildfire suppression trainers are recognized by the province of British Columbia and offer classroom and field training. The company also offers additional training in the wilderness, Work Safe, helicopter safety, and first aid.


As a company, we are proud of our highly skilled and trained staff, which includes first responders, incident commanders, team leaders, mobile equipment operators, porters, hazardous tree assessors, and more.


Rider Ventures is an accredited provider of specialized services that are committed to serving the community, and working for the betterment of society and the environment. Whenever you need any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be ready to assist you and provide you with the best service.

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