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Our Overhead Personnel service is a diverse team that works with safety and integrity. We are proud to have a team of professionals comprised of experts in every field. Our workforce includes paramedics, first responders, incident commanders, team leaders, mobile equipment operators, broom cutters, hazardous tree trimmers/evaluators, qualified saw operators and fallers, and more.


These professionals work on temporary projects of all sizes and in all types of environments. Overhead Personnel provides support and service to our clients in the field and the airspace. From recovery, rehabilitation work, land protection, and selective logging to ground clearance, crews ensure safe and efficient flights.


They also assist with forest monitoring, multi-site monitoring, power line clearing, forest fire prevention, and other projects. These missions require a high level of preparedness to ensure the safety of all involved.


Our air people are equipped with superior tools and resources to carry out their activities. This includes precision cutters, loppers, and other general-purpose tools. In addition, our team provides specialized services such as wind testing and tree health management.


If your company or team requires these services, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quick response to your needs.

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